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Fear Or Faith?

Who does not know the experience of fear? It is a fundamental emotion which plays an appropriate role in the preservation of life.  Fear alerts all of our senses to potential, perceived or genuine threats, allowing the individual to perform at a high level for the preservation of one’s own life or the lives of those entrusted to his or her care.  Fear is highly motivational! (This fear is positive.) At the same time, fear can paralyze us into in-action.  The immediate threat can seem so overwhelming that we freeze in our cognitive ability to develop an adequate […]

Morning Interfaith Prayer Service @ St. Mary’s Cathedral In Cheyenne To Kickoff Legislative Session, 2015

This morning, we celebrated what appears to be an historical event at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Cheyenne. The 2015 legislative session begins today in Wyoming, and for several years I have been wanting to bring together faith and government leaders to pray for the work of our legislators.  Today, that dream came to life.  We were blessed with a great representation of all three branches of government, including Governor Mead. Also making a strong showing were state-wide faith leaders from the majority of faith communities.  Present were Rabbi Larry Moldo, from the Mt. Sinai congregation in […]

Faith: Pass It On

As a bishop, I’m often reminded of the element of Apostolic Succession.  Indeed, the bishops play a critical role in protecting, nourishing, preaching and handing on the faith.  But there is also the critical role played by those to whom the faith is preached.  Just as down through the centuries, bishops have passed on their role through the laying on of hands, so have the lay faithful have received, nourished, and passed on the faith from generation to generation. It is the faithful who have received the Word of God into their own hearts and […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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