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Nativity: Humility, Love, Self-Gift

CHRISTMAS HOMILY 2016 Merry Christmas!  Our celebration tonight once again draws the world’s attention to the humility and love of God.  In our American language, we call this celebration Christmas, (Christ Mass) while many other languages speak directly to the true focus; the birth of Jesus, such as Feliz Navidad, or Buon Natale!  The birth of Jesus … The birth of God … The birth of a Savior. This holy night, this moment in salvation history has so much to teach our world today.  Our God is not distant.  Our God is very near, and […]

The Dignity of Marriage; The Love of a Man and Woman

The hits just keep on coming this weekend.  Today I had the distinct pleasure of presiding at the wedding ceremony of a beautiful young couple, who tonight are now Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Ward.  Maria is the daughter of a permanent deacon who is the Director of Pastoral Ministries for the Diocese of Cheyenne.  Tyler’s parents are active in the Cheyenne.  Tyler and Maria are both Catholic, and the faith-filled nature of their ceremony today gives me great hope. Congratulations to Maria and Tyler Ward!  Below is the homily for the occasion. Maria and Tyler, […]

The Beauty of Marriage

Today I had the distinct pleasure of returning to a parish where I served as pastor for nine years to celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony for a lovely couple. The groom was only 15 years old when I arrived in 1998 as pastor. I quickly came to know and love his family. I was very happy when I learned of his engagement to a beautiful and lovely young woman, and more than pleased to accept their invitation to celebrate their special day with them. Congratulations Steven & Kristina Bauerla! Below are the main thoughts […]

How To Live Holy Week: Pope Francis’ Instruction From Today’s Audience

For the past few years I’ve been telling our priests that we can no longer sit in our offices or stand in our sanctuaries expecting the People of God to come to us.  It is clear the Holy Spirit is calling us to reclaim the mission of the early Church.  We, as Jesus, are called to ‘step out of ourselves’ in order to reach out to others.  Pope Francis speaks very beautifully to this urgent need in today’s Church at today’s General Audience.  The English translation of the Pope’s talk follows: Brothers and sisters, good morning! […]

Lent: Classes From The School Of The Cross

 In her Dialogue, God speaks to St. Catherine: “In so knowing me the soul catches fire with unspeakable love, which in turn brings continual pain.”  These words appear in the opening section of St. Catherine of Siena’s The Dialogue.  They seem a good starting point for our Lenten journey.  In so knowing me…  As the title of the book indicates, The Dialogue is a description of the mystical experiences of St. Catherine in her relationship with God.  Thus, the first phrase of our meditation is about coming to know God.  Yes, it is possible to […]

Vocation: What’s Yours?

This week is National Vocations Awareness Week.  I have offered Masses this week asking that all people come to a deep realization of God’s love for them and how that love is experienced most profoundly in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  For me, this is the starting point of coming to know what one’s mission in life entails.  We believe that God is the author of all creation.  Indeed, this is why Jesus preached with authority (Mark 1:22), because he is the author of all life.  One line that remains with me from Pope Benedict XVI’s new […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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