Today’s Readings point us towards the Kingdom of God, giving us wisdom for advancing along towards that goal.

The psalmist tells how we are created for God’s Kingdom, in that the human soul thirsts for the Lord our God. (Psalm 63)

Wisdom, often sees as another name for the Holy Spirit, reveals herself to those who seek her – indeed makes herself known in anticipation of our desire…

Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of God is like ten virgins who went out to meet the bridegroom. This ‘going out’ in search of Christ, as servants of Christ, is the mission of the Church; it is the core element of evangelization. 

Pope Francis in the Joy of the Gospel said this


The wise are those who go into the world with the light of faith, seeking Christ and serving Christ in their neighbor. 

The unwise are those who fail to kindle this flame of faith, who fail to enter into the journey of the human should that seeks the God who seeks us first.

Our living faith, humble service of others, advancing the Kingdom of God in this world will allow us to be prepared when Christ returns. Living with such wisdom will allow us to recognize Christ upon his return, and for him to recognize us and welcome us into the eternal banquet.

Stay awake! Persevere in faith and love.