Thea Bowman House, Kent

Our staff at Catholic Community Services (CCS) enjoys a great reputation throughout Western Washington for their compassionate care for the poor. Our staff and volunteers make the compassion of Jesus present in concrete and credible ways, on a daily basis.

Very often, when a housing agency or government agency in the State of Washington is interested in exploring options for affordable, low-income housing, CCS / CHS is who they contact. Similarly, when those same agencies need or desire to offer more services to those in need, CCS once again is consulted, because they do it best, and in a most affordable way. Our Catholic community is very proud of the work of our Catholic Community Services and Catholic Housing Services!

Yesterday, we dedicated the latest housing facility to become available, the Thea Bowman House in Kent, Washington.

This facility provides 80 permanent, supportive housing units for veterans and other adults who need on-going in-home support. Services provided include 24/7 front desk assistance, visiting medical providers, case management and community building activities to help them connect with one-another and the local community.

These wonderful facilities do not just happen, they are the result of several agencies coming together. In this case, CCS partnered with the city of Kent, King County, the Veterans Administration, and the King County Housing Authority. Ending homelessness requires providing people a safe place to live, and Thea Bowman does this with class!

Congratulations, CCS!

If you have a Facebook account, you can watch yesterday’s dedication ceremony here.