When I was in the seminary, The Week In Review was what we called Sunday night dinner.  Anyway, as much as last week’s travels and ministry made me feel like a pastor, this week was all about administration.  Administration is not a bad thing for a priest or bishop, in fact it makes up a large part of our ministry.

Fr. Bill Dickinson with Catholic Leadership Institute used a phrase recently regarding this aspect of priestly life.  As all of you know, the Sacrament of Priesthood is called Holy Orders.  In this sacrament are three roles, or offices: sanctify, preach, govern. 

With regards to the governance, we are to bring a “holy ordering” to the life of the Church, and to the life of God’s people.  I like that understanding as it gives a real purpose to the one aspect of a priest’s life that priests find most challenging, or at times, the least meaningful.  However, when we look at it through the proper lens, i.e., “holy ordering”, then it takes on the proper meaning it deserves.  It must be important even in the eyes of Jesus, because we sure spend alot of our time in administrative roles!

So, this week saw many meetings, phone calls, answering correspondence, problem solving, listening, and planning for the future.  We are blessed with hard working, dedicated people at our Catholic Pastoral Center.  It is a joy to work with them, and I appreciate the level of faith they bring to the effort of leading, guiding, and providing for the pastoral needs of our people.

I have yet another conference call meeting in just a few minutes as a part of my work with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee for the Protection of Children and Young People.  Then I’m off to Casper for a RAD retreat.  This is basically a retreat for high school students to help them in discerning God’s call in their life.  Tomorrow I’ll celebrate Mass with our permanent deacon candidates and then return home.

Hope everyone is well, and enjoying the tail end of fall.  Winter cannot be too far off!

God bless,