Welcome to the latest Catholic blog, Truth in Love.  It seems only fitting that today, the feast of Our Lady of  Lourdes, should mark the inauguration of this site.  As many who have followed my family’s story already know, the pilgrimage sight of Lourdes, and my own mother’s devotion to the Blessed Mother played a significant role in the life of each of my siblings.  (link to story from Criterion)  Years ago, when my mother visited Lourdes as a young woman praying about her own future and vocation, she sought the Blessed Mother’s intercession.  As many were expecting her to enter a Benedictine Monastery, she prayed rather for a husband and family, and told the Blessed Mother “You can’t have me, but you can have all my kids.”  Seems the Blessed Mother took her up on the offer, as traces of evidence runs through the life of each of my brothers and sisters.

It is my earnest desire with this site to have a regular means of communicating with the people of the Diocese of Cheyenne.  In many ways, I wish to use this as a virtual pulpit, to “get the WORD out” by sharing my own insights from prayer and thoughts regarding current topics in our culture and church.  As my motto states, I have a deep love for the Truth proclaimed by Jesus Christ, accompanied by a deep love for those to whom I am sent as a bishop and shepherd.  In the many articles to come through this site, I hope to share that Truth and Love with all who choose to visit here.

God Bless,

+Paul D. Etienne

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