This past week we saw some of the most beautiful scenery of God’s creation…right here in NW Wyoming.  We spent the week NW of Cody Wyoming, in Crandall,  just East of Yellowstone Park in the Shoshone National Forest.  Pictured above are my brother and I, and in another picture, my brother, Fr. Bernie, Fr. Vernon Clark (pastor of this beautiful area) and parishioner, gunsmith and guide, John Leonetti. 

It was a great week!  We covered alot of territory within the National Forest, as well as a day in the North Absaroka Wilderness Area on horeseback.  We hunted, and had a few opportunities to also fly fish.  The weather was anywhere from sunny and 85 degrees, to overcast and snowing.  I must admit, the day in the wilderness on horseback was spectacular!  It was great to spend some time with my brother, Bernie, as well as make some new friends.

We were hosts of Fr. Vernon Clark, who lined up some great individuals who showed us a great time this week.  I’ll get back to you later with more names and pictures.  For now, know it was a great week!  Even though we saw no elk or large-racked mule deer, we saw a lot of wildlife and were certainly in the vicinity of grizzly bears from the fresh signs we saw.  It was quite exciting!