Sunday, the Wyoming Catholic College community gathered for the Convocation Mass of a historic year for the college.  This year the College will celebrate its first commencement!  There are now all four classes represented in this heroic effort to establish a firm footing for the Wyoming Catholic College. 

The Freshman are fresh off their National Outdoor Leadership School experience.  NOLS is a great program which entails a three week outdoor hiking, camping, leadership skills course in the great outdoors of Wyoming.  I’m told one of the girl’s groups hiked around 90 miles during this time.  It is a tremendous time of bonding for the incoming class, as well as a great experience of team building and learning life-long leadership skills. 

The morning began with a breakfast for all of the students and any visiting family.  The Frassati Center is newly renovated, and will serve as the student lounge and refectory.  From there, preparations began for the Noon Mass.  The school has quite a Latin requirement, which gives great versatility to the school choir, which sang for Mass. 

During Mass, the Faculty made their oath of fidelity and profession of faith.  The Wyoming Catholic College is serious about their Catholic identity, and the faculty and staff are very committed to this foundational component of the college life and learning.  We are blessed by their dedication. 

After Mass, there were light refreshments while the students had their group photo taken.  After this, everyone gathered again in the Church for the matriculation ceremony.  The bishop had to leave for his next appointment of the day, but the pictures tell the full story!  Congratulations, Wyoming Catholic College!  Keep up the good work!