In the Fall of 2007, a pioneer class of young students began a journey to begin and establish the Wyoming Catholic College.  This young group of individuals were to be the first graduating class in May of this year, 2011.  At present, the college is at full capacity.

The Wyoming Catholic College is a four year, liberal arts, and as the name suggests, Catholic college.  The College offers a solid Catholic spirituality and approach to education.  The curriculum is based on the Great Books of Western culture and also offers a unique leadership program which makes use of the tremendous beauty of the rugged outdoors of Wyoming.   It also includes a one year horsemanship program.

Wyoming Catholic College is blessed with a stellar faculty, tremendously dedicated leadership and staff, and a student body searching for truth, beauty and goodness.  As the video demonstrates, all of these features can be wonderfully discovered at Wyoming Catholic College.  Do yourself a favor and take the seven minutes to watch this video.  If you know of a young person looking for a quality,  liberal arts, Catholic education, make sure they know about Wyoming Catholic College.





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