Month: September 2011

Surrender to God, Live in Christ, a Pastoral Letter to the People of the Dioocese of Cheyenne

Today, on this Feast of Archangels, I am glad to release my first Pastoral Letter, Surrender to God, Live in Christ.  This Letter introduces the pastoral priorities which will guide our focus as a diocese over the next five years.  As the title of the Letter implies, it is the goal of our efforts not so much to introduce new programs and initiatives, but to simply focus on many of the basics of our life as Church to encourage and assist our people to live their faith in Christ. Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI […]

On The Road

After last week’s Convocation in Casper, I arrived home only to unpack, repack, sleep, and leave for the airport. I celebrated a wedding in Jennings County, Indiana on Saturday. It was good to return to an area where I was pastor for two years while also serving as Vocations Director. After the wedding, I was blessed to spend two days visiting with my family in Southern Indiana. Tuesday, I flew back to Denver for a meeting in the evening.  This morning, I celebrated Mass with our two seminarians, and enjoyed a breakfast with them before […]

September Institute

As a part of our Diocesan Pastoral Strategic Planning process, we decided months ago to designate this year’s September Institute to the topic of Eucharist.  The Institute was designed with the goal to further prepare for the upcoming implementation of the New Roman Missal and provide some talks and workshops focused on renewing the vibrancy of our Sunday celebration of the Eucharist. Our Program began Tuesday evening with an opening address by yours truly, since the originally scheduled speaker had to cancel.  We tapped a number of individuals from around the diocese to share their expertise with us, as well as bringing […]

Conscience Rights

This weekend, a time-sensitive request will hopefully run in our parish bulletins. This Nationwide Bulletin Insert is seeking the active input of our Catholic population.  As most of you hopefully know by now, our U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently issued a rule requiring almost all private health plans to cover contraception and sterilizations as “preventive services” for women.  This action is a part of implementing the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the new health care reform law). This new rule so narrowly defines religous exemption from the rule that very […]

Go Into My Vineyard, And I Will Give You What Is Just.

This Sunday, we hear another parable from Jesus, using the popular image of a vineyard.  It is helpful to remember that He, as God’s Son, entered the “vineyard of creation” through the Incarnation.  He came for the work of redemption, salvation, and sanctification of the whole human race.  He came as the Just One to restore what had been lost through our disobedience, namely, our adoption as sons and daughters of God.  He came to reunite us, to graft us again to the tree of Life, that our joy might be complete, and that we […]

Wyoming Council of Catholic Women

This past weekend, a good group of women from around the state gathered in Green River for the annual Wyoming Council of Catholic Women conference.  A real sign of hope for the future of this organization was the 40 first-timers that attended. The outgoing President of the WCCW was probably the one who was most relieved after the two-day gathering.  Poor Phyllis had to put up with me as a rookie Bishop during the majority of her term of the WCCW.  I wish to thank her for her dedication to the WCCW and especially for […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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