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Merle Haggard And Rules For Discernment

 I wish to begin today’s entry with a salute to my classmates (1992) from the North American College.  Twenty one years ago today, we entered St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome for our deacon ordinations.  There, laying prostrate on the floor in the chapel of the Chair of St. Peter we gave our lives to the Lord for the service of His Church and people.  What a blessed walk of life and faith these twenty one years have been!  Please, God, may many more young men follow us as such ‘gentle, but ardent servants of the […]

Feast of St. Catherine: Urgency Of Discipleship

 Today is the Feast of one of my favorite saints, Saint Catherine of Siena.  There is a statue near Castle San Angelo in Rome that beautifully represents St. Catherine’s ‘urgency’ to accomplish God’s will; God’s work for the ‘salvation of souls.’  (see picture to the left) There are many things I admire about this great saint of the 14th century.  First and foremost is her love for God and her great desire to live passionately her love for Christ.  She had several names for Jesus, perhaps the one she used most in her writings was […]

First Communion & Knights of Columbus

Yesterday, I joined the Knights of Columbus gathered in Casper for this year’s State Convention. They have been gathered since Friday morning. I joined them for 6:00 Mass Saturday evening and the Banquet that followed. The Brother Knight from Cody, Ken Stockwell, representing the Supreme Council gave some rather staggering statistics of the amount of support the Wyoming Knights of Columbus offer their local parish, community, diocese as well as national and international charitable outreach.  Since I arrived in Wyoming I have been surprised and impressed with the active nature of the Knights of Columbus in […]

Dr. Peter Kreeft Comes To Wyoming

Last Saturday, Dr. Peter Kreeft was a guest speaker at St. Patrick’s in Casper.  After visiting with the pastor, Fr. Gary Ruzika this week, I thought it might be nice to share a reflection on the day with this readership.  Since I was not present for the day, a young man who helped coordinate the event, John Perry, has provided the following brief synopsis and pictures.   The conference was held at St. Patrick’s Church on Saturday April 20th.  Our guest was Dr. Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy at Boston College.  Dr. Kreeft is the author of over […]

Confirmation, St. Joseph Cheyenne

The growth of the Hispanic population in the Catholic Church throughout the United States is quite noticeable in the Diocese of Cheyenne.  One of the parishes leading the way in welcoming these new family members of the faith is St. Joseph in Cheyenne.  About two years ago, the Diocese of Cheyenne partnered with the Catholic Extension Society to provide Regional Hispanic Coordinators to help meet the needs of the growing Hispanic population within our country.  Through the generosity of the grant from Catholic Extension Society, St. Joseph was able to hire Eva Estorga as the first […]

Cathedral & St. Paul, Pine Bluffs Confirmations

Monday evening 59 young people received the Sacrament of Confirmation at the Cathedral and last night, 11 more from St. Paul in Pine Bluff stepped up to be Confirmed in the fullness of the faith.  I find these celebrations to be invigorating as it is so encouraging to see so many young people desiring to continue their life of faith in Jesus Christ. I believe this is what the New Evangelization is truly all about, people living their faith with greater enthusiasm and joy.  We are called to discover or perhaps re-discover the joy of […]

Confirmation: St. John The Baptist, Buffalo

Nineteen young people received the sacrament of Confirmation Thursday night at St. John the Baptist in Buffalo.  The selected Psalm for the evening’s celebration had a very missionary message, which is the whole purpose of the Church:  “I will proclaim you, Lord, to my brothers and sisters.” This missionary work of the Church is very much what the Holy Spirit seeks to inspire.  Our young Church has a vital role to play in the missionary work of the Church.  I want our young people to know how very proud I am of them for asking […]

A Day To Relax

On Friday morning, I celebrated Mass with the school children and parishioners of Holy Name in Sheridan. One of the students who was to be Confirmed on Wednesday night was stranded with other students in Laramie due to all the snow in the SE part of the state.  So, I offered to Confirm her during the school Mass.  It was a great way to begin the day.  After Mass, academic awards were handed out.  I was impressed with the high percentage of students achieving at such a high level. Then, the real fun began.  There […]

Spring Wildlife in Wyoming

I had the chance to slip out for some wildlife viewing on Thursday morning before driving to Buffalo for Confirmations.   After three days of snow and cold, it was a clear blue sky day with snow covered mountains. Besides these elk and turkey, we saw well over 100 whitetail deer and many rooster pheasants.  I did not get any pictures of them.  Friday will bring the opportunity for this year’s first fly fishing trip.  Hopefully, there will be more pics to follow! This is just a part of what makes so many of us love […]

Confirmation: Holy Name, Sheridan

Twenty six students received the sacrament of Confirmation Wednesday night at Holy Name.  This seemed to be a rather timid group, so hopefully, the Holy Spirit will inspire them to be courageous in living their faith! I was captured by the Psalm refrain, which said: Lord, send out your Spirit and renew the face of the earth.  This is not some miraculous, anonymous action on the part of God.  True, this is the same Spirit that hovered over the earth in creation, the ‘giver of life’ as we say in our creed.  However, it is […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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