Month: December 2017

Mr. John Harmon Selected As Chancellor For Archdiocese of Anchorage

Archbishop Etienne is pleased to announce the selection of Mr. John Harmon as the new Chancellor for the Archdiocese of Anchorage. John brings with him a vast amount of business, legal and pastoral experience as a former teacher, college president, ‘Fortune 100’ corporate attorney, and a Catholic high school principal. As Chancellor, John will be responsible for those duties pertaining to the office as defined in Canon Law, such as Notary and record keeper of official Archdiocesan documents.  John will also assist with daily operations, planning, and policy review. Because John grew up in Alaska, […]

Strong In Faith, Generous Of Heart; St. Nicholas, Pray For Us!

From my years as a student in Rome, I have had a great love for the Communion of Saints.  But, St. Nicholas, whose feast we celebrate today, has been a favorite from my youth. Granted, my early memories are of the excitement going to bed the night before, anticipating what small gift would be found in the morning, whether in my shoe or an unexpected stocking with my name on it found somewhere in the house.  I also remember visiting my grandparents home, and there would be a knock on the window or door, a […]

Jesus Walks With Us. Let Us Keep His Company At All Times.

My own spiritual practice recently is focusing on the reality of God’s faithfulness and the intimate presence of Jesus with me at all times.  Attached to this practice is the intention to consciously walk with Jesus (and our Lady) each moment of the day.  God’s faithfulness calls us to the same fidelity. This is what Pope Francis likes to call Missionary Discipleship, setting out with Jesus each day.  Journeying with Jesus is another way of describing how we are to ‘lean into grace’ at all times. There are so many physical realities that are a […]

The Encounter With Christ; Compelling, Continuous, Contagious

Yesterday, St. Andrew’s Parish in Eagle River celebrated their 50th Anniversary as a parish. Coincidently, their pastor, Archbishop-Emeritus Schwietz is celebrating next month his 50th anniversary as a priest! To say the least, we had a lovely Mass and celebration! The Gospel for Mass, Matthew 4: 18-22 recalled Jesus walking along the Sea of Galilee and calling Andrew to follow him, along with his brother Peter and two other brothers, James and John. What happened in this encounter with Jesus that caused Andrew to leave his familiar surroundings to follow Jesus? This question is great […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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