Some weeks ago, I knew it was time to relax.  As with any healthy lifestyle, we all need at times to disengage from the day-t0-day demands to rejuvenate.  Everyone needs to find ways to do just that.  Given the time of year, I figured it would be a great opportunity to visit my friend Bob Krumm and make another float trip on the Bighorn River in Montana.  Just having that trip on the books was a great carrot at the end of the stick.

Bob Krumm tending to a catch

Even though the day turned out to be quite hot, (90 degrees) it still easily met the days only requirement; take it easy!  The cool temperature of the water (40 degrees) easily provided relief from the warm sun.  Bob has been guiding on the Bighorn since 1985, so he knew of places most of the other guides had not yet discovered.  Besides Bob’s countless stories and his easy manner, Mother Nature provided all the other ingredients for a delightful day.  Even the fish cooperated, allowing me to have some great fun, and make Bob look good!

One of the added benefits this time of year is slipping out of the boat and onto the riverbanks to hunt for wild asparagus.  We found enough to provide a heaping serving for today’s lunch.  Quite tasty!  The other entertaining element of the day was the sound of the rooster pheasant all up and down the river.  These birds are in the height of mating season, and their cackles were heard all day long.  It is a rare sound of nature, everyone of which I enjoyed.

So, even though I had the good fortune of catching several fish, a couple dandies, the real beauty of the day was God’s good creation.  The real blessing of the day was a chance to relax and soak up sun, sounds and sights of nature, and conversation and company with a good man.  The final blessing of the day was exhaustion, and a great night’s sleep!

20 Inch Brown Trout



19 3/4 Inch Rainbow Trout