The Peaceable Kingdom, by Edward Hicks

Advent invites us to see the world through the dream of God – through the demands of justice lived according to Gospel values.

Our Advent prayer, “Come, Lord Jesus” is equally matched from God’s perspective in the voice of Jesus: “Come to me.” This is our goal each Advent, to be renewed in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Be attentive to the Lord – listen to him. Speak to him. He entered so fully into the world that he took on our human condition in every way – except sin. He so fully identified himself with us that he even took on our sin in order to heal us by his cross and resurrection. This is the justice of God that will heal our world today. We are invited to identify in the same way with those we disagree the most – to take this disagreement upon ourself – to heal and the divide – and live in justice.

Take time today to pray – to listen to God’s Word – to move ‘toward’ the Lord while at the same time asking earnestly: “Come, Lord Jesus.”


Please listen to the Word of God and homily in today’s Mass.