With the help of my good friend, Mark Seabrook, yesterday we completed an 1,800 mile, 11 day tour of the diocese.  Thursday, we headed from Jackson to Pinedale.  We had lunch with the affable pastor, Fr. Lucas Simango, then I spend the larger part of the afternoon catching up on some office work.  That evening, we completed a confirmation of I believe around twenty candidates just as it began snowing.

Priests gathering prior to Confirmation at Our Lady of Peace, Pinedale.


Confirmation , Our Lady of Peace

Friday morning, we were up early for the drive to Casper so I could attend the last meeting of our Strategic Planning Team.  Each task force gave a report on their work since the last meeting, and received feedback from the group.  Now, the final draft of each group is to be submitted to the Diocese by May 31st.  Then, we will begin putting the plan into its final format for promulgation on July 1. 

Dan McCarthy & Chuck Harkin at planning meeting in Casper.


Ed Boenisch & Deacon Kim Carroll at planning meeting in Casper

July 1 is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus this year.  We will have a special noon Mass at the Cathedral that day to dedicate the diocese during the time frame of this pastoral plan to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Materials are being provided to all pastors and parishes asking that there be plans to celebrate this feast in a special way this year.  All families are also encouraged to “enthrone” and image of the Sacred Heart in the homes and consecrate their families to the Sacred Heart as well.  All these materials can be downloaded from the diocesan webpage.

Now, it is time to rest a bit and prepare for the next trip.  Stay tuned.