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Fayette Lake

Saturday, I was invited to take a horseback ride to Fayette Lake, north east of Pinedale. What a beautiful day! The town of Pinedale celebrated their annual rendezvous days this weekend, so I was on hand for this year’s Fr. DeSmett Mass, which commemorates the first Mass in the Rockies, 1840. Fr. Lucas Simango, the pastor of Our Lady of Peace in Pinedale is always a gracious host, and generally has something fun planned, time permitting.  I enjoyed on this trip to Pinedale the company of our development director, Mr. Matt Potter and his wife, […]

Fire In The Church!

This vigil day of Pentecost began with a Mass in Pinebluff, Wyoming. If you have ever been on I80 on the East border of Wyoming, you cannot miss this 45 foot tall image of our Lady of Peace north of the interstate.  It is the project of a family, Ted and Marjorie Trefren, to express their devotion to the Blessed Mother.  Included at the shrine are other images of our Blessed Mother and an impressive set of Stations of the Cross.  We were scheduled to have an outdoor Mass at the site today, but the […]

Another Trip In The Books

With the help of my good friend, Mark Seabrook, yesterday we completed an 1,800 mile, 11 day tour of the diocese.  Thursday, we headed from Jackson to Pinedale.  We had lunch with the affable pastor, Fr. Lucas Simango, then I spend the larger part of the afternoon catching up on some office work.  That evening, we completed a confirmation of I believe around twenty candidates just as it began snowing.   Friday morning, we were up early for the drive to Casper so I could attend the last meeting of our Strategic Planning Team.  Each […]

Our Lady of Peace

This morning, the ladies of the parish provided a scrumptious pitch in breakfast and then we had time for a nice visit. This afternoon, I had lunch and a great discussion with some of the youth of the parish. At each of these gatherings, there were representatives from Big Piney and LaBarge as well. In the break between the two gatherings, Fr. Lucas drove me around the area to try to find some moose.  We saw three moose yesterday morning on the way to Boulder, and this afternoon, we saw five.  We also saw about […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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