Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of God in today’s readings.  The Kingdom can be likened to a small mustard seed or a tiny amount of yeast. Each are representative of humble beginnings which advance great growth. 

Similarly, we as disciples of Jesus and servants of his Kingdom are to become humble in our efforts to grow God’s Kingdom. We can be tempted at times to focus on the end product, seeking the fully grown shrub in which to take shelter, or the baked loaf of bread to eat. That will come for us and for all soon enough. But for now, ours is the work of humble service of the Lord and the Kingdom.

We can also be tempted to feel as if the Kingdom is not advancing or that it may even seem to be retreating. But Jesus teaches quite differently – The Kingdom will experience great growth! Never lose hope.

St. Paul’s writing gives us the key ingredient for advancing the Kingdom, which is love; humble, selfless love in imitation of Jesus Christ. 

In this Year of the Eucharist we recall that Jesus comes to us in each and every Eucharistic celebration. He himself becomes ‘small’ by feeding us with his very Body and Blood, taking up his dwelling within us once again. Christ feeds us, that we may be conformed to him. Having received Christ into our very flesh, we are better capable of living in the world as yeast, advancing the Kingdom by our own selfless love of others.

May the Lord grant us the grace this day and always to live only and all for him, faithfully, fully, and freely.