Christ and Nicodemus by Dutch artist, Crijn Hendricksz Volmarijn

Jesus speaks with Nicodemus in today’s Gospel (John 3:1-8), about the necessity to be “born from above” in order to see the Kingdom of God.

We are curious as was Nicodemus as to how we can experience such a ‘rebirth.’ The answer lies in Jesus Christ, not only his teaching, but his person. We must be born of water and spirit, namely the Holy Spirit.

God’s work of redemption is accomplished in us through Jesus, and through the Church and her sacraments. And yet, this ‘rebirth’ is not some ‘magic’ God works ‘upon’ us. He has given us freedom, which means our understanding and cooperation are required. We do not save ourselves. No!

Theologians teach us that this new life of Christ is given us through the Church and the sacraments, and through the sacraments by means of grace. We also teach that grace builds upon nature, meaning, that this free gift of God (new life in the Risen Lord, Jesus) must be freely received, by each person, and lived by means of faith and a holy life.

Today’s Mass and Homily: