Friday, after a brief stop in the office, I made the drive from Cheyenne to Cody.  I arrived in time to enjoy a nice visit with the local pastor, Fr. Vernon Clark.  He fixed a wonderful meal, which we shared with another priest who was in town, Fr. Eckley Macklin, solt.  I love this St. Anthony Parish and surrounding Cody area.  I always feel very at home here.

Saturday morning, I drove through some light snow to just a few miles shy of the Montana border to visit our Carmelite monks…most of you know them as the Mystic Monks with the coffee.  I made my second visit to the monks, and the first real long-term stay to pray with them, meet with their chapter, and simply get to know them.

They are a unique group of cloistered monks for our church today.  They have their own Carmelite Rite and Liturgy of the Hours which they celebrate in Latin.  But I assure you, they are a very ordinary group of men, seeking to live an extraordinary style of monastic life, with the common goal to all of us…growing in holiness.

Today, in sub zero temperatures and snow, we visited their new property.  It has been a wonderful couple of days in this part of the sate and diocese, and a particularly special visit with our monks.  Enjoy the pics!

"monk-mobile" on the way to the new property

monks in carhart habits with .308

monk-mobiling in the snow

Bishop with Br. Simon Mary

At the end of the day, the monks threw together a quick meal, and we ended by celebrating Br. Paul’s birthday along with some entertainment.


monk music