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Congratulations, Deacon Simon Mary Of The Cross, M. Carm.!

Today was a very special day for the Mt. Carmel Monastery in Clark, Wyoming. At 9:00 am, in a simple and small ceremony in the monastery chapel, Br. Simon Mary, M. Carm. was ordained a deacon. He will be ordained priest later this year on December 14 in the same chapel. Br. Simon Mary is the first ordination for the community since two priests were ordained  in October, 2010.  Br. Simon Mary is affectionately known in the community as ‘Little Monk.’  He is intelligent, humble, hard working, and has a beautiful spirituality.  On top of his studies, he liaisons with […]

Episcopal Fraternity, Unity & Grace

After three days together, three members of my support group departed Cheyenne this morning to make their way back to their respective dioceses.  I believe we all parted feeling renewed in our episcopal fraternity, strengthened by our friendship, prayer, and genuine support. The time we shared in these past few days gave insight to the reality that God creates each of us for communion; for sharing life with Him and with others. Bishops, being human, also have need for meaningful relationships, and nothing like a brother bishop to know what our day to day life is like. […]

A Shepherd’s Travels Among His People

  After a couple winter months spent primarily in the office, travels resumed once again this month. In the past two weeks, I’ve celebrated Mass or visited to following: Blessed Sacrament in Ft. Washaki, St. Joseph in Ethete, St. Stephen’s, Lander for a brief visit with some of the faculty at the Wyoming Catholic College, St. Margaret in Riverton, St. Francis in Thermopolis, St. Mary Magdalene in Worland, Our Lady of Fatima in Casper as well as the Cathedral and Holy Trinity in Cheyenne. Today I’m enjoying a bone fide day off.  I truly enjoy the […]

Wyoming Way of Life

Not far from Meeteese is Carter Mountain, where our Carmelite Monks recently purchased a beautiful piece of property for their new monastery. So, after visiting with the parishioners of St. Theresa, I made my way up the mountain to join the monks. In anticipation of breaking ground for their new monastery, the monks are busy doing much of the prep work themselves.  They are presently digging a trench for laying a new gas line to the building site and are opening a new gravel pit to be able to provide rock for their long roads.  Their […]

The Week In Review

Last Saturday, I traveled to St. Anthony’s in Casper to provide the priest coverage for the weekend.  I arrived in time to hear confessions from 3-5 and celebrate the 5:15 Vigil Mass.  It was great to spend some time in the confessional once again.  As a bishop, I do not often get the chance to exercise this particular ministry of my priesthood.  It reminded me of the great gift given us by Jesus when He entrusted this power to forgive sins to His Apostles, which remains in the priesthood today.  (see John 20) After celebrating […]

Cody Confirmation & More

The final Confirmation “run” of the season is underway.  Once again, a good friend from Indiana has come out to spend some time and help with the driving.  We left Cheyenne on Tuesday, and will be on the road until next Friday. Yesterday morning, I had a nice visit with our Carmelite monks while I was in the area.  They continue to be a true source of grace for us through their prayer and monastic life.  I had a very good visit with the Prior, Fr. Daniel Mary and lunch with the community. Last night, […]

Cody & Carmel

Friday, after a brief stop in the office, I made the drive from Cheyenne to Cody.  I arrived in time to enjoy a nice visit with the local pastor, Fr. Vernon Clark.  He fixed a wonderful meal, which we shared with another priest who was in town, Fr. Eckley Macklin, solt.  I love this St. Anthony Parish and surrounding Cody area.  I always feel very at home here. Saturday morning, I drove through some light snow to just a few miles shy of the Montana border to visit our Carmelite monks…most of you know them […]

Confirmation Season 2010

The Confirmation run around the state is nearly two thirds complete.  I have had the good fortune this trip of having a good friend from Indiana with me.  Mark Seabrook (see photo below) wanted to see the state, and I am benefiting not only from his company, but getting some relief from the driving.  Since Friday, April 16, we have travelled in excess of 900 miles.   We still have two more official stops to make, even though we are finished with Confirmation for the moment.  As this is the weekend for the Annual Appeal, I’ll […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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