K of C 4TH Degree Members with Bishop Etienne; St. Anthony, Cody

The final Confirmation “run” of the season is underway.  Once again, a good friend from Indiana has come out to spend some time and help with the driving.  We left Cheyenne on Tuesday, and will be on the road until next Friday.

Yesterday morning, I had a nice visit with our Carmelite monks while I was in the area.  They continue to be a true source of grace for us through their prayer and monastic life.  I had a very good visit with the Prior, Fr. Daniel Mary and lunch with the community.

Last night, the communities of St. Anthony, Cody; St. Barbara, Powell; St. Theresa, Meeteese; and St. Joseph, Lovell gathered for Confirmation at St. Anthony.  As usual, the 4th Degree members of the K of C were present in all their glory to assist.  We had a brief moment together prior to Mass.  All-in-all, I believe there were 42 confirmations last night.  (The full group photo did not turn out.  Here is one with one of the parish groups.)

As most people know, the Knights of Columbus are a strong Pro-Life group in the Catholic Church.  One of the recent efforts of this Cody Council was to help fund an ultrasound machine for the local Serenity Pregnancy Resource Center.  This morning, a very nice group gathered to bless and dedicate the center, as well as the new ultrasound machine.  

Serenity is a relatively new resource in the Cody community.  Its purpose is to provide prenatal diagnosis, care, counselling and support to expectant mothers.  It will be a strong and encouraging voice for LIFE in the Cody community.  This outreach began as a dream about two years ago, and is now coming to life. 

The local parish, St. Anthony and pastor, Fr. Vernon Clark, as well as the local Knights came together to raise the intitial funds which were matched by the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus to purchase the $40,000 ultrasound machine.  This is quite an impressive effort on the part of many good (Catholic!) people to support life.  Well done and congratulations to all involved!

Prayer Service Blessing the new Serenity Pregnancy Resource Center in Cody.


Knights with Bishop Etienne near donated ultrasound machine at Serenity Pregnancy Resource Center, Cody

(All photos courtesy of Mark Seabrook)