As we continue our Lenten journey, the readings today give some good material for self-examination.

From the Book of Numbers we hear again of the people of Israel complaining against God and Moses. How often do we complain against God? For what reasons?

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells the Pharisees they will die in their sins, because they do not believe in him. They will die in their sins because they are of this world.

We surely believe in Jesus, which is the core of his instruction today. But, do we know how to bring all of our worldly doubts, uncertainties, disappointments, and other ares of life to him? Does our belief in Jesus raise us up from this world to God’s Kingdom? Does our belief in Jesus help us understand how to live now so as to obtain the eternal life he offers?

Jesus was ‘lifted up’ for our sake. May he lift us up from all in this world that would limit our faith in him and prevent us from receiving the fulness of life he brings.

Today’s Mass and Homily: