More snow for Wheatland

It appears this will be another week of dodging or trudging through snow.  Yesterday began in Cheyenne under heavy snowfall.  I made it to Wheatland for last night’s confirmation celebration.  This morning is beginning the same way here in Wheatland.  People are very excited to be receiving such a generous snowfall…and praying it continue for a while.

I believe there were 20 young people confirmed last night.  One very heartwarming touch was to see so many high school youth singing in the choir.  They did a spendid job.  St. Patrick’s was full for the celebration, and the people participated with a lively faith.  I am continually amazed to see how God blesses each parish with the people necessary for its ministries.  St. Patrick is no different.  There are some very talented and generous people here making sure the faith is lived and passed on to the next generation.

The one damper of the evening as we all know was the bombing at yesterday’s Boston Marathon.  We continue to pray for those who died, those injured, the many lives touched through each of the victims, the first responders, and finally, that God will foil the plans of any who would bring chaos and terror to our world.  May our faith and hope be a source of strength to those most in need.