Jesus’ encounter with the adulterous woman in John’s Gospel (Chapter 8) clearly demonstrates that he comes not to condemn, but rather to seek our conversion.

Perhaps in these days of self-quarantine, we have a bit more time alone, time to reflect. Perhaps as the impact of this coronavirus pandemic begins to ‘close in on us’ we are confronted with our own sinfulness. Coming face-to-face with our sinfulness is a good thing; part of what a good Lenten journey is meant to ‘tease out’ precisely for the sake of amendment of our life and growth in holiness.

However, today’s story also reveals that the place to recognize our sinfulness is in a face-to-face encounter with the merciful Jesus. Seeking to keep our sin hidden allows the devil to defeat us in shame. Humbly coming to Jesus brings the healing balm of forgiveness.

Jesus does not want us to be conquered by our sinfulness, but rather to allow it to reveal once again our need for Jesus and the salvation he brings.

Today’s Mass and Homily: