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Good Friday: Sin Disfigures The Body Of Christ

Today, we have accompanied Christ in his passion and death.  We watched as he was unjustly condemned, rejected and beaten, suffered and was crucified.  He was ridiculed and mocked for our sins and for our salvation. Has his suffering captivated us? After he died, his side was pierced by a sword, and from his open side poured fourth blood for our redemption; water for our cleansing. Jesus was taken down from the cross , placed in the arms of his mother, taken to the tomb by his friends, and grieved by the world. What have […]

The Desert As A Place Of Privileged Encounter With God

On this First Sunday of Lent, our readings today take us from the Garden of Eden to the Desert. As the season of Lent always does, we are reminded today of the reality of sin and its consequences.  In our first reading today, Genesis tells us that in the beginning man and woman enjoyed a loving relationship with each other, with God, and with all of creation.  To a certain extent, every human heart still longs for such a properly ordered life, and we believers seek such a life through faith, hope and love.  At […]

God’s Mercy In The Person Of Jesus Is The Standard Of The New Covenant

On this 5th Sunday of Lent, we hear another familiar Gospel story of the adulterous woman brought before Jesus.  In usual fashion, Jesus is drawing crowds to hear him teach.  It is in this setting of Jesus teaching the crowds that the scribes and Pharisees drag a woman caught in adultery to challenge Jesus’ understanding of the Mosaic law. Teacher, this woman was caught in the very act of committing adultery.  Now in the law, Moses commanded us to stone such women.  So what do you say? A key to how Jesus will respond is […]

Returning To The Father; An Intimate Journey With God

Today’s first reading from the Book of Joshua finds the Israelites at the end of their 40 year journey through the desert. They have arrived on the planes of Jericho to their Promised Land. No longer feeding on manna, but upon the rich produce of this fertile land, each of which are provided them by the Providence of God. In today’s Second reading from Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians, we hear about another promise of God reaching its fulfilment; this promise is the new and eternal covenant in the person of Jesus Christ. Through […]

The Lenten Journey Begins: Less Consumption, More Fruit

  As I prayed last night and again this morning in preparation for this Lenten journey, the phrase came to mind: “Less consumption, more production.”  I doubt that mantra would fly for long on the lips of  present presidential candidates, but it is not an economic formula, but rather has become my spiritual goal for this Lent. First and foremost, the Lenten journey draws our attention to the sin that is at work in our lives, and to be humbled and repentant.  The Psalms speak well of the reality of sin, and our need for […]

The Lord Desires To Bestow His Spirit Upon All

26th Sunday, Ordinary Time Numbers 11:25-29; Psalm 19; James 5:1-6; Mark 9:38-48 In today’s Gospel, we see the Apostle, John, take issue with someone who is casting out demons in the name of Jesus.  His concern is that this individual is not one of their followers.  And yet, someone is doing a good work in the name of Jesus.  Similarly, in today’s first reading, Joshua is upset that two individuals who were not present at the time Moses prayed that God share a portion of his spirit with a group of elders, are prophesying, apparently […]

Lent: Conversion to New Life in Christ

Ashes – a call to humbly recognize our origins: dust of the earth and the creative love of God.  As in death we return to the earth, so we shall return to God.  God is our origin and our glorious destiny.  Any accomplishments on this earth belong to God, while all failure and sin is solely our responsibility.  There is no reason for pride for any human being. Fire – burns the palms that proclaimed Christ as King on Palm Sunday into the ashes before us today.  Marked with these ashes we are reminded of […]

The Glory of the LORD

This Second Sunday of Lent we listen once again to the Gospel account of Jesus’ transfiguration.  As the Gospel acclamation was sung, and the deacon lifted the Book of the Gospels, I thought to myself: “We are fulfilling the command of God from the Gospel today.  This Gospel is Jesus, and we are listening to Him.” As the Gospel was proclaimed, I thought once again: “The Lord led Moses by a cloud by day and a column of fire by night.  God spoke to Moses from a burning bush, again when He gave Him the Ten […]

God Is The True Center Of Life

On this first Sunday of Lent, we once again hear the Gospel story of Jesus being led by the Spirit into the desert where he is tested by Satan for 40 days.  The struggle of Jesus at the beginning of his public ministry is the fundamental conflict of the human person, as masterfully told in the Book of Genesis, our first reading for this Sunday. The failure of Adam and Eve, which is the problem for all of humanity, is corrected by Jesus.  These Scriptures give us clear guidance about this challenge of sin, and […]

Have You Begun Your Lenten Journey?

Now that the Lenten Season is begun, are you out of the starting gate? Yesterday believers gathered around the globe for Ash Wednesday services.  Ash Wednesday is one of those poignant moments when we allow God to ‘take off the gloves’ and remind us, indeed reveal to us, our sins. It is helpful at the beginning of this penitential season to humbly, soberly allow ourselves to be consciously clear about our sin.  As the First Letter of St. John instructs us: “If we say “We are without sin,” we decieve ourselves, and the truth is […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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