This week the first reading from Mass will walk us once again through the Creation Account of the Book of Genesis.  Perhaps this is a good week to pick a day during the week to go to Mass.  It is certainly an opportunity to reread this marvelous account of the creative nature of God.

In a world where seeming growing numbers of people do not believe in God, or have continuing doubts about the existence of any god, this opening scene of the bible calls each of us this week to be particularly attentive to the beauty of creation that surrounds us.  First and foremost, give thanks for the “gift of faith” we have received to believe in God, to believe in Jesus Christ, as the creator of all that is, visible and invisible.

Whether it is the beauty of day or the darkness of night, the frigid cold of winter, along with the snow and ice, or the sunny seashore, the sun, the moon, the stars; whether it is the person next to you, or yourself alone; whether in health or illness, give thanks to God for the beauty of His creation, the wonder of His plan. 

Give thanks in each moment for the beauty of creation around you.  Give thanks for the gift to believe, and pray for that same gift for those who do not.