As reported on this blog, a few weeks ago, the Leadership and Management Teams met to further define each of the priorities of our pastoral plan.  We now wish to publish the summary of this plan for one more round of public feedback.  Besides this blog, we will publish on the diocesan website and there will also be a special Easter edition of the Wyoming Catholic Register.  Each of these media will direct the reader as to how they can offer further feedback to assure the plan reflects the desires and needs of our people. 

A couple 0f clarifying points will be helpful.  First of all, we heard from young adults a strong desire that their part of the pastoral plan be a separate priority.  We responded to this request, even though the “language” in the summary below still refers to six priorities, we have established a seventh task force to work on strategies specific to young adults.

Secondly, we are also aware that our first efforts have not yeat adequately addressed the desire to be more engaged in meeting the needs of the members of our Hispanic family.  We are also hoping to further enhance our efforts to focus on social teachings of the church.  It is still a work in progress, but coming into view.

Once again, keep looking for more information on the promulgation date, July 1 and the special celebration of the feast of the Sacred Heart! 

At the bottom of this document is an email address where you may send any input.  Please keep this effort in your prayers, and thanks to all for your input.  With assurances of prayers for all of you in our Lenten journey,



Diocese of Cheyenne – Strategic Pastoral Planning

The Vision Statement for the Diocese of Cheyenne contains six primary areas of focus.  For each of these areas, a task force has been formed to establish the priorities to be accomplished in each of these areas.  We are asking for your feedback on these priorities.  The task forces need your input as they move forward with defining specific plans to accomplish these priorities.

Vision:  Liturgy and the Sacraments

  • To encounter Christ through a renewed attention/focus on our full, active, and conscious participation in the Liturgy
  • To deepen our knowledge and understanding of the transformative presence of Christ in the sacramental life of the Church
  • To give witness to our Baptismal identity as members of the Body of Christ, a Eucharistic people
  • To recognize and integrate into liturgical life of the church, the increasing cultural diversity of our diocese

Vision:  Catechesis

  • Create lifelong, cradle-to-grave, faith formation experiences that will lead to changed hearts and renewed minds:  a meaningful, personal encounter with our God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Form and equip a body of well-trained catechists
  • Individually and collectively support our seven Catholic schools in Wyoming to ensure their continued existence and success
  • Implement an accountability process to regularly measure, evaluate, and improve our catechetical work to ensure desired content (knowledge) and outcomes (behaviors and attitudes) are achieved

Vision:  New Evangelization

  • Review and strengthen our efforts to sustain and grow the Catholic Community
  • Focus on Active Membership, Focus on Inactive Catholics, Focus on Un-Churched
  • Conversion & Renewal: Personal & Corporate Building Community through actions of: 
    • Service & Witness
    • Public & Personal Invitation
    • Facilitation of Healing
    • Training (Catechesis)

 Vision:  Family Life and Vocations

  • To make Jesus Christ the center of parishes and homes through, community building and faith formation:
    • To educate and emphasize to families and parishes the value and dignity of all human life
    • To use faith formation, particularly sacramental preparation, as moments to catechize and re-engage families
    • by exploring opportunities to bring all generations (and those in all situations of life) together for prayer, formation, and community
    • To educate, promote, & support the sacrament of marriage and its effects on family, church, and society:
      • The Diocese will require strong marriage preparation classes in each parish
      • To increase the presence of Marriage Enrichment in the Diocese of Cheyenne and make them more accessible
      • To strengthen the Domestic Church
      • To create, promote and encourage a culture of vocation among families and parishes so the faithful can recognize and respond to Gods’ call:
        • To promote awareness and prayer for vocations throughout the Diocese
        • To increase the role of the laity in support of vocations
        • To create a professional vocations video to assist the Diocese in encouraging family & parish support

Vision:  Youth and Young Adults


  • Mission and Vision Statement – Define Diocesan-level mission and vision statements
  • Parishes – At the parish level, provide support and training to help parishes bring youth into the life of the parish
  • Programs – Put the Gospel message into action. Provide substantive formation in truth and spirituality
  • Coordinator- (Diocesan and/or Deanery Level)
  • Evangelization – focused on our youth with a personal call by the Bishop

Young Adults:

  • Mission and Vision Statement – address young adult ministry specifically in parishes
  • Parishes – encourage young adult leaders, meet their unique needs and involve them in parish life
  • Programs – strive to identify and engage the young adult presence in the Diocese; foster community
  • Evangelization – outreach to young adults using effective means (social media, etc.); A personal invitation from the Bishop to participate in the life of the Church


Vision:  Stewardship

  • Move the majority of parishes to become stewardship parishes with active stewardship committees, enthusiastic tithing of Prayer, Service and Financial Resources by parishioners, and tithing by the parish itself
  • Move the Diocesan Stewardship campaign from the spring to the fall


Please provide comments and feedback by March 25, 2011 to:

Dorene McIntyre