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Priests & Leadership of Archdiocese of Anchorage Advance Strategic Planning Process

On Thursday this past week, our strategic planning process received some renewed energy. After Listening Sessions held around the Archdiocese last spring, the Leadership Team (Department Heads of Archdiocesan Staff) spent several months studying and summarizing the results and developed from them the Mission, Vision, Values and a set of Priorities. These were shared with the priests of the Archdiocese on Thursday. Early in his pontificate, Pope Francis issued an Apostolic Exhortation, The Joy of the Gospel in which he lays out his basic vision for advancing the mission of the Church today. In brief points, these are the […]

Diocesan Pastoral Plan Progress

As reported on this blog, a few weeks ago, the Leadership and Management Teams met to further define each of the priorities of our pastoral plan.  We now wish to publish the summary of this plan for one more round of public feedback.  Besides this blog, we will publish on the diocesan website and there will also be a special Easter edition of the Wyoming Catholic Register.  Each of these media will direct the reader as to how they can offer further feedback to assure the plan reflects the desires and needs of our people.  […]

Parish Staffing Task Force

Today, our parish staffing task force met in Casper.  Much information has been compiled through parish surveys, parish listening sessions, and deanery clergy sessions.  I am very grateful for the work of this group. This is the “second lung” of our strategic planning process.  This task force is charged with making recommendations regarding the best distribution of our priests, future combinations of parish and mission churches, looking at other possible parish life coordinator roles, and lastly how we may re-work sacramental schedules in areas with more than one parish. Each member of the group reflected […]

A Day In Casper

There were several significant gatherings in Casper, yesterday.  The Diocesan Pastoral Council, in their role of Leadership Team for the Diocesan Pastoral Planning process along with the diocesan management team and priority task force leaders spent the afternoon together at St. Patrick.  This was the first time the task forces of the six priority groups came together to share the fruit of their labors in further defining the action steps for each of the priorities. The general consensus at the end of the day is that a lot of hard work, creativity and insight is coming […]

Task Force & Strategic Planning

Since communication is one of the age-old challenges of the human experience, especially as Church, I wish to speak to the two-fold nature of the present strategic planning efforts currently underway in the diocese. The better known phase of the strategic planning is just that, we are currently working hard as a diocese to develop our next strategic pastoral plan.  I wrote a Vision Statement to lead this effort.  Then, there were parish listening sessions followed most recently by a round of deanery listening sessions.  This phase of the planning is going quite well.  In […]

Strategic Pastoral Planning: Next Phase

Our Strategic Pastoral Planning has entered the next phase.  All parish listening sessions are now complete.  Last night I was in Casper for the first of five deanery listening sessions.  There was good representation from the deanery parishes.  Nearly forty people were in attendance.  The next four days I will be in Buffalo, Riverton, Green River, and wind up back in Cheyenne.  (Please pray Mother Nature behaves herself these next few days…at least in these consecutive parts of the state!) Michael Shumway of the O’Meara Ferguson group is serving as our facilitator for these meetings.  […]

Strategic Pastoral Plan

It is official. With the presentation of my Vision Statement to the clergy of the diocese this week, our strategic pastoral planning process is underway.  To read the Vision Statement, click here. With this Vision Statement, I set forth what I believe are our priorities.  This is our starting point.  From here, all pastors are asked to hold listening sessions in each parish so we can receive feedback from anyone interested in helping us set our priorities for the future.  From there, we will hold deanery listening sessions in November.  Then, a detailed report will […]

Week’s Events

After a very brief day of rest, I hit the road again on Monday.  The Casper Catholic Community is celebrating the completion of a beautiful, new Catholic School these days.  Monday evening, a very joyous crowd gathered to dedicate the chapel.  For several years, a dedicated group of visionaries and benefactors have worked hard with local pastors and parish leaders to make this dream a reality.  It is nothing short of a miracle, in days when many Catholic Schools are closing, that this community made a serious commitment to not only re-invigorate their efforts around […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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