Now that we are into the Octave of Easter, do not forget that we are living each day as if it were still Easter Sunday!

Recalling the Easter Sacraments of the great Liturgy of the Easter Vigil, remember that in Baptism we begin a new life-journey; a journey of faith in the Risen Lord!  Once this walk with Christ begins, we promise to forsake our former, sinful ways.  The renewal of Baptismal Promises we all made this Easter Sunday remind us that we believe in God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit and by the sanctifying grace of Baptism we renounce Satan, and all his works, and all his empty promises.

With the renewed life that is ours through the Easter Sacraments, Christ has expelled the unclean spirit(s) from our heart and soul to make our body a worthy dwelling place for Him and the Divine Life He brings.  But we must not grow weary or slack, lest that spirit return , bringing with it additional evil spirits and we find ourselves falling into a worse state.  (Matthew 12:43ff)

Our journey of faith now is our renewed life in Christ.  Just as in Lent, we took on extra practices of self-renunciation, this is no time to grow slack in the same areas of life.  Our life as Christians is no longer about self.  We belong to Christ who has taken up His dwelling within us.  We belong to Him, and through Him, we belong to one and other. Our life is no longer built upon the shifting sands of this world, but rather upon the Rock of Christ, our firm foundation.  (Matthew 7:24ff)

Our Easter journey opens our eyes to find Christ in every person.  Christ living in and through us longs to love and serve others, especially those whose needs are the greatest.  Let us not fall back into ways of self-service and selfishness.  Rather, let us choose Life by continually living for Christ; living in Christ; serving Christ in our neighbor.

Remember, we find success in self-control and self-discipline only by remaining in Christ.   Of our self, we can do nothing. (John 15:5)  Easter recalls that Christ has won the victory over sin and death.  Remain in Christ, run to the Risen Lord, and know the victory of the Christian life!