I’m pleased to share with you the next video in our series of conversations with young adults about Eucharistic belief and practice. You can find more videos on our Archdiocese of Seattle website here.  More are on the way!

I’m pleased to hear from our pastors that most of our parishes are once again back to full capacity for the celebration of Sunday Eucharist. (of course, capacity under present COVID guidelines) Some parishes are adding additional Masses to accommodate the growing desire of our people to gather together for this central celebration of our faith. This is very encouraging, indeed!

It is also very good for myself and our other two bishops to be celebrating Confirmations in person this year. I hear people everywhere I go express how happy they are to be able to gather in person to receive the Sacraments. We are making progress. Below is a picture from a recent Confirmation at Mary, Queen of Peace.

Let’s continue to hold one another in prayer.