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Young Adults Pray and Discuss Discernment

ast night, I met again with about 30 young adults for Adoration, discussion, and social time.  I am so encouraged by this group of young men and women who are giving priority to their faith.  Thanks to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish for hosting our gathering last night. As always, we began with time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.  Just about everyone today can use more quiet time, and silence before the Lord in prayer is a good way to place everything in his hands, and rediscover the peace of heart which only he […]

USCCB June 2017 Meeting, Archbishop-Elect Charles Thompson

Monday of this Week, I arrived in Indianapolis for the June 2017 Meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  I was pleased that a good percentage of our time together was spent discussing pastoral issues of concern to many of our people across the United States. Another highlight was our Mass together on Wednesday evening, June 14 at the Indianapolis Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.  This past year, Pope Francis asked that every Episcopal Conference offer a Mass of Prayer & Penance for Healing of Survivors of Clergy Sex Abuse – and this […]

In The Beginning & In The End, One Thing Is Necessary

Yesterday, I was in town taking care of an errand, and a young woman at a check out counter noticed my ring.  She said something to the effect of: “That is a nice ring.  Does it have any significance?”  I said: “Yes. It is a bishop’s ring, and I am the new Archbishop of Anchorage.”  She then responded: “Pardon my ignorance, but what is an Archbishop?”  To which I said: “I am the leader of the Catholic Church in this part of Alaska.”  Then, she said quite casually: “Well, I guess you now know, I […]

St. Catherine Of Siena; If She Were To Write Someone Discerning Their Vocation Today

As this readership already knows, this bishop has a great devotion to St. Catherine of Siena, whose feast we celebrate today.  She wrote many people during her short but very active life, and each of her letters were replete with rich doctrine.  Very often her letters were means of encouraging people in their own faith journey. Today, I wrote a young man who asked me some time ago to pray for his vocation.  I decided that this feast of St. Catherine would be a good time to write him. Modelling my letter on one of […]

Christ Comes To Clothe Us Anew In His Life

 Last night, we held another Thursday Night Life of adoration and socializing for young adults at Holy Trinity church in Cheyenne.  We are averaging around 15 or so each month, which speaks to the real challenge of ‘reaching’ this age group.  I often told my staff as a pastor, and finding myself as a bishop repeating the same advice to my pastors: “We cannot get hung up on numbers.  We must focus on ministry and those who are responding, and allow the Lord to grant the increase.” However, having said that, I am also greatly […]

New Program For Young Adults: Thursday Night LIFE

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to find a way to gather with our young adults.  I’ve been looking for a forum to show my own interest and concern for our young church, as well as to express in a concrete way my love for all our young adults.  After some discussions with our associate in the Pastoral Ministry Office, Amy Larson, and the help of a couple of our young priests, we think we have come up with something that will be attractive.  So, when you hear about Thursday Night LIFE, you will […]

Young Adults

First, I must apologize for failing two days in a row to bring my camera along to get some pictures.  Last night, I was at St. Annin Saratoga for Confirmation.  They had a class of 8.  I had the opportunity just before Mass to meet most of them along with some of their family, and also had the chance a mingle briefly at the reception afterwards.  Once again, I am impressed with this group of young people.  Fr. Karl Millis provided some fine hospitality with a great home cooked meal, and one of the local […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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