Carol DeLois served as Chancellor of the Diocese of Cheyenne during the seven years I served as Bishop.  Her counsel and support to me over those years was invaluable, and I gained a dear friend in the process.

Carol served the Diocese for over 25 years. It is hard to imagine how many people’s lives she touched during those years of ministry.

Early this morning, after just seven months of being diagnosed with brain cancer, Carol was called home to the Lord.

Carol loved the church, yet as hard as she worked in its service, she was fiercely devoted to her family.  She was devoted to her mother, Margaret, and it was always a joy to join Carol in visits to her mother’s home.  Beyond family and the broader church family, Carol being a Wyoming woman also had many friends.  Her absence will leave quite a void for many.

I have known few other people with Carol’s dedication, positive outlook, and sheer force of will, all balanced with sensitivity and good will.  She was a strong woman, who had no difficulty finding her voice or taking a stand, while always respecting others, and especially the office of the bishop, fulfilling her responsibilities with great grace and always maintaining many confidences.

Carol loved her ministry.  She served everyone with such respect, and was always ready with words of gratitude for the service of others.  Likewise, she fielded many calls of complaints, and took the time to make sure people’s concerns were heard, and that they knew someone cared and would do her best to make sure their requests were addressed.

Suffice to say, Carol, I miss you already. May the angels lead you into Paradise, and may your soul rest in peace!