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Farewell To A Classy Lady & Great Servant Of The Church: Carol DeLois, Rest In Peace

Carol DeLois served as Chancellor of the Diocese of Cheyenne during the seven years I served as Bishop.  Her counsel and support to me over those years was invaluable, and I gained a dear friend in the process. Carol served the Diocese for over 25 years. It is hard to imagine how many people’s lives she touched during those years of ministry. Early this morning, after just seven months of being diagnosed with brain cancer, Carol was called home to the Lord. Carol loved the church, yet as hard as she worked in its service, […]

A Good Day For The Church

Before this day ends, I would like to share a few thoughts.   Since Monday evening, the priests of Alaska along with the bishops have gathered here in Anchorage for our annual convocation.  I am tremendously impressed with the selfless dedication of these men.  These priests serve an area twice the size of Texas, or 16% of the lower 48 states!  For example, for a priest in the Archdiocese of Anchorage who covers the parish in Dutch Harbor at the end of the Aleutian Island Chain, it is a three and a half hour plane […]

Now What …

In the wake of last week’s appointment as Archbishop of Anchorage, people have some questions.  But first, I would simply like to say how much I enjoyed the 48 hour trip to Anchorage.  I had a peaceful premonition as the plane was on approach into Anchorage last Monday night: “I am going to be at home here.” I cannot tell you how much that helped to calm my heart. I cannot thank Archbishop Schwietz, OMI enough for his warm welcome and hospitality.  He exudes calm while at the same time reassuring me about the future.  […]

Diocese of Cheyenne Challenges HHS Mandate in Federal Court

+ January 30, 2014 Defending Religious Freedom in Court Dear Friends, Today, the Diocese of Cheyenne along with five other Catholic institutions filed a lawsuit to challenge the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ mandate which requires religious organizations to violate their conscience and the Church’s teaching.  As you may be aware, the mandate requires employers to provide their employees with access to contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs through their group health plans, even if doing so violates their religious beliefs. Joining the diocese in this lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court […]

A Shepherd’s Travels Among His People

  After a couple winter months spent primarily in the office, travels resumed once again this month. In the past two weeks, I’ve celebrated Mass or visited to following: Blessed Sacrament in Ft. Washaki, St. Joseph in Ethete, St. Stephen’s, Lander for a brief visit with some of the faculty at the Wyoming Catholic College, St. Margaret in Riverton, St. Francis in Thermopolis, St. Mary Magdalene in Worland, Our Lady of Fatima in Casper as well as the Cathedral and Holy Trinity in Cheyenne. Today I’m enjoying a bone fide day off.  I truly enjoy the […]

To the Holy See to see the Holy Father

Every five years, bishops make a visit to Rome to give a report on the state of affairs in their diocese. During the visit, the Bishop meets with the Holy Father, as well as the numerous offices that oversee the day-to-day business of the Universal Church. These visits are referred to as the ad limina apostolorum, or, to the threshold of the apostles.  One of the primary goals of such visits is for each bishop to renew his apostolic ministry, as a successor to the Apostles, by visiting and celebrating Mass at the tombs of […]

New Mission Statement

When we began our Strategic Pastoral Planning process a year and a half ago, we realized that we also needed a new Mission Statement for the Diocese.  I am glad to say that not only is the pastoral plan now in final draft, to be promulgated next week, but we also now have a new mission statement. We wanted a statement that reflected that the Diocese makes up the entire state of Wyoming.  We wanted also to capture the fundamental ‘mission’ for us as a local Church.  The Leadership Team of the Diocese, along with […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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