St. Paul in his letter to the Philippians models a great gospel character – gratitude. Even while writing from prison, Paul expresses gratitude for the faith of the people in the early church of Philippi. I encourage you to read this Letter, or at least the passage from today’s Mass. 

I wish to thank all of you who are keeping and living the faith each day – partnering in the Gospel. I can too often be fixated on the many demands and challenges of my office, while failing to recognize (with gratitude!) the many of you who keep the faith of the Church alive – day-to-day, without fanfare. Thank you!

Another reason for our own gratitude, no matter what we may be facing in our personal life today, is the reality that Jesus is always quick to save. In today’s Gospel, while under the withering gaze of the scholars of the law and Pharisees, Jesus heals a man on the Sabbath. Then he asks the scholars and Pharisees, “who of you if your son or daughter falls into a well on the sabbath would not immediately act to save them?”

Jesus sees each of us as members of God’s family – his gaze is lovingly upon us – his suffering, death and resurrection are our eternal source of salvation – healing for that which we cannot heal ourself.

The God of all, Christ the Savior of all is our primary and constant reason for gratitude.

Today’s Mass and homily can be viewed below.