Seattle skyline today upon ferry ride return from Bremerton.

This weekend provided the opportunity to visit two more parishes, and celebrate the 25th anniversary of one. It also provided my first ferry ride on the way back to Seattle!  We had a nice celebration during the 6:30 Saturday evening Mass at St. Gabriel, including three Baptisms!

Today’s 25th anniversary celebration at Prince of Peace mission in Belfair was under tent, in the rain. The weather certainly did not dampen the spirit of the celebration! Congratulations, Prince of Peace!

Today’s Gospel (Luke 16:1-13) provided another parable of a rich man and a steward who was squandering what is entrusted to him. Jesus teaches us that this steward was short-sighted, only concerned with the things of this world, and being dishonest at that!

We are called to be good stewards – those who know that all we have is from God. We recognize that God, through his Son, Jesus, is the source of all we need, from creation, to life, and the precious gift of salvation.  The good steward knows that our true treasure is found in Christ, who though rich, became poor for our sake, that we might become rich! As good stewards, we know our journey in this life is destined for life eternal, which is only possible in Christ.

The good steward lives in Christ, and cooperates with Christ’s desire to live in and through us! This is ultimately what every parish exists for – to preach the Good News, to bring peoples of all nations and times to the person of Jesus.

Jesus Christ is our true wealth, and our greatest treasure!

Enjoy the pics!