Last night, I celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation for twenty young people at Holy Trinity in Cheyenne.  As I arrived at 4:30 for dinner with some priests, the snow began falling.  When I left at 8:30, there must have been at least six inches already accumulated.  It was a beautiful drive back to my residence.  Sadly, the snow also means a canceled bird hunt today.  Oh, well, it is nice to be home for a few days of rest!

Our celebration last night was wonderful.  There are always many blessings at such celebrations, but one unique to last night was the “contemporary choir” that sang and led the music.  Many Catholic music groups today are “trying” to sing some of the new Christian worship songs for Mass.  Sadly, few of them are able to pull it off.  However, this group, did an amazing job, and as is the goal for all liturgical music, they naturally led the congregation to participate by lifting their own voices in praise of God.  Well done, musicians!

Weekend Challenge:  Participate in singing at Mass this weekend.  Maybe even go so far as to join a parish choir!

Kudos again to our young, and newly, fully initiated members.  This “class” really paid attention during the homily…even though my question created a bit of fear and trepidation…and silence.  I think they “get it”, that through Confirmation, they are fully initiated as members of Jesus’ team, the Church.  As newly “initiated”, they are now just “beginning” to take up their full role in the Church.  As is the goal of any “team”, our goal is to proclaim Christ, and “win” eternal salvation.

Our goal is to make a “gift of self” to God, the world, and to others.  Keep living and growing in the faith, Church!