Palm Sunday 1As this Holy Week begins, let us pray for the grace to keep our eyes fixed on Christ.

Today, we proclaim him as King, while the events of this week will unfold to reveal what Kingship looks like through the eyes of God.

Let us accompany him to the Upper Room where he washes the feet of his apostles, teaching them that true leadership is service.

Let us follow him to Gethsemane where we will pray with him in his hour of handing everything over to the Father.

Let us stay close as he is arrested, betrayed, handed over to the chief priests and elders to be condemned.

May we listen to the false testimony against him, and watch as he is spat upon and humiliated.

Palm Sunday 3May our hearts be moved as he takes up his cross along the way of suffering that leads to Golgotha, where he will be crucified.

As we watch, follow and listen to Christ this week, may we learn the ways of God.  May we learn the ways of love.

May we learn to give of ourselves freely and fully, that we may live as Christ, and thus live with confidence of entering into the fullness of God’s Kingdom which is won for us through the Paschal Mystery we celebrate this week.

Receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Pray and fast and offer acts of penance.

Attend the services of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.