This weekend, the Diocese of Cheyenne will launch this year’s Living and Giving in Christ; Unity Through Diocesan Ministries annual appeal.  Every year, the Diocese of Cheyenne, as most (arch)dioceses throughout the country, seeks the support of the Catholic population of the diocese to support the Diocesan ministries. 

As we know, the faith life for people is primarily lived at the local level, at the parish.  However, many other ministries are necessarily conducted at other levels, such as diocesan, national, and universal. 

Much of the ministry at the parish often times requires support, which comes from diocesan offices and personnel.  For example, the financial services, such as payroll, benefits, health care plans and retirement plans are all managed by individuals at the diocesan office. 

 Very often, catechists, teachers, directors of religious education, even the local pastor have questions, and they often turn to individuals at the diocesan offices to help them with their particular needs.  We run a very humble and meager operation here at the Diocese of Cheyenne, and I am proud that for the last three, and soon to be four years, we have ended each fiscal year in the black.  We are seriously committed to being good stewards of the gifts entrusted to us to carry our the mission and ministry of the diocesan Church.

The broad areas of diocesan ministries are the following: Clergy Support, Administrative Services, Support of Universal Church, Parish & School Ministries, Diocesan Ministries (Tribunal & Development Office), and Outreach.

Once again, this year, we have developed a video to help tell our story to educate people about the ministries provided at the diocesan level.  This year’s video helps make some easy connection with individuals and the impact of some of the services provided through diocesan ministries. 

I hope you will take some time to view this year’s Living and Giving in Christ video.  I hope you will prayerfully consider a financial gift to help us continue to carry out the mission and ministry of the Church of Cheyenne. To view the video, simply click on the link below.

Thank you!

Bishop Etienne