Mike SchumacherToday, the family and friends of Michael J. Schumacher and the Diocese of Cheyenne bid him our final farewells.  Last Friday night / Saturday morning, the Diocesan Finance Officer was killed in a single car accident on his way home.

Michael came to work for the Diocese just six months ago.  In that short time, we came to love him and appreciate his intellect, dedication, and his strong ‘people-person’ personality.  He was an incredibly faith-filled man who loved his family, faith, and the Church.  One of my staff shared with me just today following the funeral a telling story about Mike.

In his final days, Mike negotiated on behalf of the Diocese a contract for rental cars with a new car rental business, at a considerably better rate than the present arrangement.  After he filled out the credit application which was a part of the paper work for the new agreement, he could not resist showing it to the staff member mentioned above.  One of the application questions asked: “How long has your organization been in business?”  Mike’s answer: “2,000 years.”  The application was submitted with that answer!  As you can see, Mike was proudly Catholic!

I just returned tonight from Cody, where his family and friends gathered for the Mass of Resurrection.  This was truly a celebration of faith.  Mike comes from a family of 15 children.  His parents, Bob and Phyllis are still living, as are all of his siblings.  He also was the father of six children.  I had the privilege of meeting with all of them last night prior to today’s funeral.  What a clan!  I’m sorry to not have the opportunity to spend more time with them.

Mike will be buried on Monday back in Iowa, the origins of his family.  May he rest in peace!  Please join me in praying for the repose of his soul, and the consolation of his family.