The Betrayal of Christ by Caravaggio

On this Wednesday of Holy Week, the Gospel recalls the betrayal of Judas.

Perhaps today as a part of our preparation to enter the Passion of our Lord, we could make a good examination of conscience. It is too easy to lay the full burden of guilt at the feet of Judas and those who were plotting the death of Jesus.

Each time we give in to temptation and freely choose to turn our back on Jesus to selfishly follow our own desire, we betray Jesus.

Also, I hope you are making plans to celebrate the Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday) in your own homes. As we enter into these holy days during one of the most unusual times in living memory, we can hear the words of Jesus in today’s Gospel being spoken personally to each of us:

in your house I will celebrate the Passover …

You can find at home resources here.

Today’s Mass and Homily: