It is official. With the presentation of my Vision Statement to the clergy of the diocese this week, our strategic pastoral planning process is underway.  To read the Vision Statement, click here.

With this Vision Statement, I set forth what I believe are our priorities.  This is our starting point.  From here, all pastors are asked to hold listening sessions in each parish so we can receive feedback from anyone interested in helping us set our priorities for the future.  From there, we will hold deanery listening sessions in November.  Then, a detailed report will be compiled with all the feedback to be shared at the January Institute. 

We hope at the January Institute to then hold breakout sessions with all our diocesan pastoral leaders to begin defining more clearly the priorities and defining more specifically the objectives necessary to accomplish them.  There will then be more listening sessions and clarifications made with the hope that by June, we will have a final document to guide us for the next three to five years.

Please keep this effort in your prayers, and please make every effort to attend the listening sessions in your parish or deanery.  God has a plan for us.  May we prayerfully discern this plan together.

God bless,