Yesterday I had another first as the Archbishop of Anchorage – presiding over a prayer service of Polish tradition to bless the Easter baskets of foods to be eaten on Easter Sunday.

I commended the families on maintaining their traditions, but especially of making good use of the Liturgical Seasons within their homes as a means of passing on the faith to the next generation.

Some of my favorite memories from childhood revolved around the traditions my mother introduced to help us keep the Liturgical Seasons within our home.  I have vibrant memories of coloring Easter eggs on Good Friday.  We decorated the boiled eggs.  We also make an Easter egg tree, decorated by eggs we blew out the yokes, and painted or colored with various depictions recalling the Resurrection.

I hope you and your families are not only participating in the Sacramental life of the Church by regularly going to Mass as a family together, but also making your own traditions and memories that celebrate the Liturgical Life of the Church in your homes.

Here are some great pics from yesterday’s event at Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage.

Happy Easter!