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USCCB June 2017 Meeting, Archbishop-Elect Charles Thompson

Monday of this Week, I arrived in Indianapolis for the June 2017 Meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  I was pleased that a good percentage of our time together was spent discussing pastoral issues of concern to many of our people across the United States. Another highlight was our Mass together on Wednesday evening, June 14 at the Indianapolis Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.  This past year, Pope Francis asked that every Episcopal Conference offer a Mass of Prayer & Penance for Healing of Survivors of Clergy Sex Abuse – and this […]

The Life Of Grace Is Mixed And Mingled In The Life Of Every Believer.

  On today’s feast of the Baptism of the Lord, the Christmas season reaches its conclusion. With the Baptism of Jesus, the so called ‘hidden years’ of Jesus come to an end as his public life and ministry commence. In many ways, the Baptism in the Jordan of Jesus by John the Baptist reveals the mystery of the Christmas season. As the Church moves forward from this season of worshiping the child Jesus, we now turn our eyes to find Jesus in the infants of our time – bringing them to Christ through the baptismal […]

The Lamb Of God; Risen Redeemer

Happy Easter! As always, the First Reading of the Great Easter Vigil is the creation account from the Book of Genesis.  We are called back to our roots, to our Divine DNA.  The One Who created everything we worship this Holy Night for He has now Redeemed and Restored the same creation. Everything comes from God’s creative love.   Easter is celebrated in the Spring – and not by chance.  As Cardinal Ratzinger reflects in his book, Behold the Pierced One, Jesus spoke often of “his hour” and that his ‘hour’ had not yet come on those occasions when […]

Called to Communion: An Essential Nature of the Church: Chrism Mass Homily 2014

The annual Chrism Mass is perhaps the liturgical celebration of the year which emphasizes the unity of the Church.  I wish this evening to focus on this theme of communion, of unity. Communion begins in the heart of God, and is best witnessed in the unity and love shared in the Trinity.  The communion between the Father and the Son became visible in the incarnation and witnessed by so many of Jesus’ followers.  This communion eventually and intentionally found its way into a group of twelve whom Jesus called to be his apostles, his most […]

In Christ Is Our Dignity & Our Mission

On the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, we conclude another Christmas Season.  The week between Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord, the church condenses the ‘hidden life of Christ’ into one week!  It has always been a bit confusing to me during the Office of Readings this week how the Church Fathers speak of Epiphany, the Wedding Feast at Cana, and the Baptism of the Lord as if they all happen at the same time.  In reality, these individual events of the life of Christ speak to the profound mystery of the […]

Easter Vigil

 This was the first year since I’ve been in Wyoming that the weather permitted an outdoor Easter Fire.  By Wyoming standards, it was beautiful.  Temps were probably in mid 30’s and minimal wind.  I believe we actually made it from the side garden to the inside of the Cathedral without the breeze blowing out the flame.  This is always a very powerful moment in the Easter Vigil; the blessing of the Easter Fire and lighting the Easter Candle.  The Fire of course is a basic element of nature, and symbolizes Christ and His Light.  “The […]

Gifts Received, Grown & Shared

Today’s Gospel gives another image of the Kingdom of God; its presence now, and its eventual fulfillment.  (Luke 19:11-28)  Each of us are given “gifts” (ten gold coins) by a nobleman (God/Jesus), and are told to engage in trade until I return.  Clearly, these gifts are given to be actively engaged in the commerce of building God’s Kingdom, which is the commerce of faith and love. The gifts are varied, but because they deal with the dignity of each person, they are all precious.  The gifts are specific and some of them “common” to all; […]

Happy Easter!

     It is difficult to fully comprehend the fullness of what we celebrate this Easter Day.  We are “worldly people” celebrating an event that took place in history, and yet is “other worldly” in its origins and designs.  Jesus is not only the Author of Life, and of all creation, but as the Author of Life, He is also the Source of the Life of Grace, Redemption, Eternal Life.  This is the true reality we are to reflect upon today, so as to live more fully at the level of the “super-natural” life that Christ […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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