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Christ’s Anointing – A ‘New Ecclesial Season’

Holy Week and the great Paschal celebration draws near. In fact, the Chrism Mass is traditionally celebrated on the morning of Holy Thursday. “This Mass is a clear expression of the unity of the priesthood and the sacrifice of Christ, which continues to be present in the Church today.” (Ceremonial of Bishops, #274) During this Mass, we consecrate the holy chrism and bless the other oils that will be used in the coming year for sacramental celebrations. Tonight, we focus our attention on the Lord, Jesus, who was anointed by the Father and sent into […]

Chrism Mass: The Priority of Christ; Christ’s Priorities

Chrism Mass Homily Our Lady of Guadalupe Co-Cathedral March 21, 2018 There are fundamental realities of the church that we celebrate tonight; The priority of Christ in his Church, and the life of Christ at work in the Church through the bishop, priests, and all those who are members of the Church through baptism. Here is what the Roman Pontifical says about the significance of the Chrism Mass: (please listen closely, as this will be a long quote.) The Bishop is to be looked on as the High Priest of his flock. The life in Christ of […]

Chrism Mass: Hands For God’s Work & Backs For The Cross

Here is the homily form this year’s Chrism Mass in Anchorage.  You can skip to the bottom if you wish to view the slideshow. Good evening, and welcome! Just like parents are happiest when all the kids are home, nothing makes a bishop happier than a full house for a special celebration! Our readings for this evening’s Chrism Mass give us several titles for Jesus: Faithful Witness, Firstborn of the dead, and Ruler of the kings of the earth. Our celebration tonight calls to mind other titles as well, such as Eternal Priest, and Living […]

Chrism Mass in Diocese of Cheyenne

The Church of the Diocese of Cheyenne gathered at St. Patrick in Casper for our Chrism Mass this evening.  Despite winter weather across the southern part of the state, I’m told that attendance tonight was the largest gathered for a Chrism Mass in the history of the Diocese.  Praise God! I am very grateful to all who traveled to make our celebration a joyful expression of faith, and a true experience of being anointed by Christ! Here is the homily from tonight’s Mass: Chrism Mass Homily: Missionary at heart God the Father Anointed Christ, by […]

Chrism Mass; A Celebration Of Unity

As we enter into the home stretch of this Lenten journey, it is time to review our goals, and perhaps renew our efforts to place love of God above all else.  We are given some very fruitful days in the coming weeks to once again reject any vice at work in our lives and embrace a more virtuous life.  With the grace this season affords, we can better understand the temptations that affect us and be clear-headed in choosing to follow Christ and lovingly accomplish the Father’s will. One strong temptation of our day is to wonder […]

Chrism Mass Homily

Though not verbatim, here is the essence of my homily from last night’s Chrism Mass.  Sorry, no pictures this year. CHRISM MASS HOMILY March 26, 2015; St. Patrick Catholic Church, Casper Wyoming The Most Reverend Paul D. Etienne, Bishop of Cheyenne The readings we have just heard announce the incredible closeness of God. They speak of the relationship that is ours with God. The setting for tonight’s Gospel is Jesus’ home town of Nazareth. Here, Jesus is in familiar territory, surrounded by family and friends. Jesus has just been anointed by the Holy Spirit in […]

Called to Communion: An Essential Nature of the Church: Chrism Mass Homily 2014

The annual Chrism Mass is perhaps the liturgical celebration of the year which emphasizes the unity of the Church.  I wish this evening to focus on this theme of communion, of unity. Communion begins in the heart of God, and is best witnessed in the unity and love shared in the Trinity.  The communion between the Father and the Son became visible in the incarnation and witnessed by so many of Jesus’ followers.  This communion eventually and intentionally found its way into a group of twelve whom Jesus called to be his apostles, his most […]

Chrism Mass Thursday in the Cathedral

This Thursday, we will celebrate the Chrism Mass in the Cathedral in Cheyenne.  For generations, the Chrism Mass in the Diocese of Cheyenne has been held in Casper, due to the more central location.  However, as the Chrism Mass is a celebration manifesting in a unique and beautiful way the unity of the Church, it seems fitting to bring this Mass once again to the Cathedral, which is the church of the Bishop, they symbol of unity in every diocese. The Mass will begin at 5:15 in the Cathedral.  All are welcome!  All are invited!  […]

Chrism Mass Homily: Our Whole Life Ought To Be The Realization Of What Baptism Inaugurates!

Chrism Mass Homily: Our Whole Life Ought To Be The Realization Of What Baptism Inaugurates!     As one of the Consecration Prayers this evening reminds us, Christ entered our human experience as God in order to heal the world.  It is Christ the Physician we call upon tonight through the Holy Spirit to bless and consecrate the Holy Oils of the Church.  Through the Sacraments and the ‘sign’ of these Holy Oils, Christ continues His work of healing us that we may share fully in the Divine Life He offers and renews through His Church.In our Gospel […]

A New Home…

Today is Chrism Mass day in Cheyenne country.  As you know from the previous blog entry, this is one of my favorite Liturgical celebrations of the year, as it is for not only most priests, but many people of the faith as well.  It gives a snapshot of the beauty and richness of the Church. This evening, as we hear the Sacred Scriptures and celebrate the Eucharist; as we hear our priests renew their promises and witness the consecration of the Holy Oils, we get a sense of the mysterious way Jesus has created a […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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