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Pallium Imposed – Poised At The Starting Gate

After ten months in office, there was a distinct sense during last night’s celebration of the Imposition of the Pallium by Apostolic Nuncio, +Christophe Pierre, that this date was chosen by our Blessed Mother.  On the Nativity of Mary, I received the gift of the Pallium in the presence of the bishops, priests and a church full of the faithful representing the Province of Alaska. Archbishop Pierre graciously accepted the invitation to give the homily during Mass, and gave a beautiful reflection on the importance of symbol in our faith, and in this case, the […]

Episcopal Fraternity, Unity & Grace

After three days together, three members of my support group departed Cheyenne this morning to make their way back to their respective dioceses.  I believe we all parted feeling renewed in our episcopal fraternity, strengthened by our friendship, prayer, and genuine support. The time we shared in these past few days gave insight to the reality that God creates each of us for communion; for sharing life with Him and with others. Bishops, being human, also have need for meaningful relationships, and nothing like a brother bishop to know what our day to day life is like. […]

Called to Communion: An Essential Nature of the Church: Chrism Mass Homily 2014

The annual Chrism Mass is perhaps the liturgical celebration of the year which emphasizes the unity of the Church.  I wish this evening to focus on this theme of communion, of unity. Communion begins in the heart of God, and is best witnessed in the unity and love shared in the Trinity.  The communion between the Father and the Son became visible in the incarnation and witnessed by so many of Jesus’ followers.  This communion eventually and intentionally found its way into a group of twelve whom Jesus called to be his apostles, his most […]

Mutual Love; A Practical Way Of Life For All Christians

Today, our group of bishops seeking to live these days in fraternity and mutual love, began with Morning Prayer and Mass.  The group of ‘focolarini’ who have cared for us during these days also join us for Mass, and they add a richness with their voices and songs.  After Mass, we had breakfast and then dressed in our cassocks for our trip to the Vatican and our audience with Pope Francis. Our presentations continue to be very insightful, very concrete in sharing the spirituality of mutual love which was at the heart of Chiara Lubich, and […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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