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Compete Well For the Faith, Lay Hold of Eternal Life

Today’s reading from the First Letter of St. Paul to Timothy concludes with the heading of this blog entry.  One critical way we compete well for the faith is by faithfully persevering in our unique vocation day-to-day.  Here is a sketch of my own ‘competing for the faith’ this past week. Last Friday, I arrived home from a quick trip to St. Petersburg, Florida to be with my friend, Bishop Bob Lynch for the rededication of their Cathedral, St. Jude.  What a beautiful celebration for the local church.  You can check out Bishop Lynch’s blog […]

A Day In Casper

There were several significant gatherings in Casper, yesterday.  The Diocesan Pastoral Council, in their role of Leadership Team for the Diocesan Pastoral Planning process along with the diocesan management team and priority task force leaders spent the afternoon together at St. Patrick.  This was the first time the task forces of the six priority groups came together to share the fruit of their labors in further defining the action steps for each of the priorities. The general consensus at the end of the day is that a lot of hard work, creativity and insight is coming […]

Bishop’s School

Well, my friends, August was a busy month, and also very productive.  In the coming weeks, we will “launch” several new initiatives.  This month, we will convene a new Priest Council as well as a new Diocesan Pastoral Council.  As you may guess by the name, the priest council is made up solely of priests, and is one more consultative body at the aid of the bishop in administering the diocese.  The Diocesan Pastoral Council, as well as being a consultative body, is made up primarily of lay people from throughout the diocese.  I look […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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