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Rest In God – Enjoying & Caring For Creation

In these recent days, I have been taking time for rest and relaxation.  For months, people have been encouraging me to take advantage of all that Alaska has to offer, and that is what I am doing in these days. As you hopefully know, one of the great wonders of Alaska is the salmon.  Last week, at the generosity of several good folks, I flew to Illiamna for a few days of fishing for Red Salmon on the New Halen River. While the veterans among us generally caught their limits, I on the other hand […]

Lessons From The Gospel Answer Needs Of Today’s World

This Sunday the Church listens to Christ in the Gospel of Luke.  (10: 38-42)  In yet another familiar Gospel story, Jesus enters the home of his friends, Martha and Mary.  Martha is busy with the many ancient demands of hospitality, while Mary sits at the feet of Jesus. Even though Martha’s heart is in the right place, serving her visitor, she fails to recognize a higher calling of hospitality of simply ‘being present’ to Jesus.  It is this behavior Jesus exhorts by praising Mary, who ‘chose the better part.’ This Gospel account along with the first […]

The Injustice of Abortion; The Unjust Pursuit of Innocent Life

We come together today to praise God for his creative genius. We come together today to proclaim once again that all life is good, and that every human life is very good. Every human life from the moment of conception is a sign of God’s free choice to bring forth new life. The choice is God’s.  God chooses.  God chooses love. God chooses life.  Anyone who takes life, unjustly pursues the frustration of God’s divine plan. After 43 years of legalized abortion in this country, somewhere between 56 and 58 million lives have been unjustly pursued […]

Prayer Breakfast With Wyoming Stock Growers Association

This morning was an early public start as I joined the Wyoming Stock Growers Association for their annual prayer breakfast.  As I have been in Wyoming now for three and a half years, I appreciated the invitation to offer an inspirational message this morning. I am becoming more aware of a disturbing reality in our world today, and that is how separated people are from their use of energy and their knowledge and understanding of where that energy comes from.  The same is true of food.  People have little perception or appreciation for where food […]

Decent Society Intimately Connected with Respect For Human Dignity

Yesterday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon are another troubling reminder of the challenges our society faces.  Thank God this evil deed was quickly met with the courage and kindness of so many first responders as well as bystanders and participants in the race itself.  I’m sure all people of good will continue to hold in prayer the victims and their families and all those who have been scarred from witnessing and responding to the results. These evil acts that so quickly take human life are becoming too much of a regular diet for our nation; […]

Lent Teaches Us We Depend Upon God, And Not Vice Versa

One of my favorite Lenten readings is from the Office of Readings in the Liturgy of Hours as we make our way once again through the Book of Exodus.  Today’s selection (32:1-20) calls to mind the impatience of Israel waiting for Moses to return from his Mount Sinai encounter with God.  During the 40 days that God spends revealing the ten commandments, the people of Israel convince themselves that Moses is not returning.  They convince Aaron to ‘make a god’ for them, since the God of Moses seems to have abandoned them.  Lets sit with […]

Our Need For God

In prayer this morning, as usual, I was bringing the many “needs” of the Diocese to God in prayer.  Somewhere in the midst of this prayer, a simple syllogism popped into my mind:  Our needs are great.  God is Great.  Our need is for God!  This is a very simple analysis of my approach to prayer.  So many of the “needs” of our human experience can seem so far beyond our control.  I think God allows this reality for the express purpose of using these moments to “logically” or “naturally” lead us to Him, our […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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