Our Holy Week has begun. 

God does not remain distant. In Jesus, God’s humility is manifest. Jesus takes on our human flesh. Jesus continues to be in our midst. 

Our minds continue to interpret our present moment through our ‘normal’ experience prior to COVID-19. It makes it difficult to ‘catch up’ to the demands of the present moment.

How much did that same principle apply in the time of Jesus. The people and leaders of the community had such a formal concept of God, which is shattered in the person of Jesus. Perhaps our own concept of God also needs the reality of Jesus. Perhaps this ‘new experience’ will provide an opportunity for Jesus to break into our day in a new and fruitful manner.

May we learn from the humility of Jesus. May we not only join our sufferings of this present moment to his, but as Jesus, be willing to enter into the sufferings of others. Let us think less of our own needs at this time, and following the example of Jesus, look to the needs of others.

Let us accompany the Lord and one another through the passion and death of Jesus, to the Resurrection and new life that await us!

Today’s Mass and Homily: