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Christ’s Anointing – A ‘New Ecclesial Season’

Holy Week and the great Paschal celebration draws near. In fact, the Chrism Mass is traditionally celebrated on the morning of Holy Thursday. “This Mass is a clear expression of the unity of the priesthood and the sacrifice of Christ, which continues to be present in the Church today.” (Ceremonial of Bishops, #274) During this Mass, we consecrate the holy chrism and bless the other oils that will be used in the coming year for sacramental celebrations. Tonight, we focus our attention on the Lord, Jesus, who was anointed by the Father and sent into […]

Post Baltimore: Where are we? And where are we going?

For various reasons, I have been slow to share my own thoughts with you about our USCCB meeting in Baltimore earlier this month. I needed time to sit and pray with all the events and input of the week. I am sure about two things, one; the People of God need to hear from their bishops in the wake of our meeting in Baltimore, and two, there is hope for our future. No Vote: Without a doubt, the ‘show-stopper’ moment came at the beginning of our meeting, when Cardinal DiNardo announced that he had only […]

Christ Seeks Out Each One Of Us: We Long For This Encounter

“The crowd was pressing in on Jesus…” In today’s Gospel (Luke 5:1-11), Jesus is seen preaching along the Lake of Gennesaret, or perhaps better known as the Sea of Galilee.  Our initial focus is not so much on the crowd as it is upon the person of Jesus.  Even though the crowd is coming to Jesus, it is Jesus who has come to them, who makes himself available to them. Jesus as God’s Son has ‘gone out’ from his heavenly home to take on our human flesh; he enters the world to meet us.  Jesus who […]

Be Joyful Witnesses To Christ

Every Sunday, in fact, every celebration of the Eucharist is a ‘Little Easter.’  During the Easter Season, the Church not only recalls the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but is actually renewed in the life of the Risen Christ, through the life of the Holy Spirit. This life of the Risen Christ is the life of the Church. The Church is the body of believers, the Body of Christ, that is, you and me. No wonder the true believer is a joyful person! After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples for forty days. He wanted them […]

Called to Communion: An Essential Nature of the Church: Chrism Mass Homily 2014

The annual Chrism Mass is perhaps the liturgical celebration of the year which emphasizes the unity of the Church.  I wish this evening to focus on this theme of communion, of unity. Communion begins in the heart of God, and is best witnessed in the unity and love shared in the Trinity.  The communion between the Father and the Son became visible in the incarnation and witnessed by so many of Jesus’ followers.  This communion eventually and intentionally found its way into a group of twelve whom Jesus called to be his apostles, his most […]

Compete Well For the Faith, Lay Hold of Eternal Life

Today’s reading from the First Letter of St. Paul to Timothy concludes with the heading of this blog entry.  One critical way we compete well for the faith is by faithfully persevering in our unique vocation day-to-day.  Here is a sketch of my own ‘competing for the faith’ this past week. Last Friday, I arrived home from a quick trip to St. Petersburg, Florida to be with my friend, Bishop Bob Lynch for the rededication of their Cathedral, St. Jude.  What a beautiful celebration for the local church.  You can check out Bishop Lynch’s blog […]

Another Confirmation Season In The Books

Wednesday evening in Kemmerer concluded this year’s Confirmation season.  Pentecost Sunday I will Confirm a group of adults here in Cheyenne, but this year’s travel season is now complete.  Eight young people were confirmed at St. Patrick’s Wednesday evening. A special thanks goes to my good friend, Mark Seabrook, who was a tremendous help to me during this final eight day visit around the state.  It was a tremendous relief to have someone do the driving, as well as make sure nothing was left behind from one stop after another. I am particularly grateful to […]

Parish Staffing Task Force

Today, our parish staffing task force met in Casper.  Much information has been compiled through parish surveys, parish listening sessions, and deanery clergy sessions.  I am very grateful for the work of this group. This is the “second lung” of our strategic planning process.  This task force is charged with making recommendations regarding the best distribution of our priests, future combinations of parish and mission churches, looking at other possible parish life coordinator roles, and lastly how we may re-work sacramental schedules in areas with more than one parish. Each member of the group reflected […]

Faith: Pass It On

As a bishop, I’m often reminded of the element of Apostolic Succession.  Indeed, the bishops play a critical role in protecting, nourishing, preaching and handing on the faith.  But there is also the critical role played by those to whom the faith is preached.  Just as down through the centuries, bishops have passed on their role through the laying on of hands, so have the lay faithful have received, nourished, and passed on the faith from generation to generation. It is the faithful who have received the Word of God into their own hearts and […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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