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Mission Tour Complete; St. Joseph in Shoshoni

With a noon celebration at St. Joseph in Shoshoni today, the tour of parishes and missions in the Diocese of Cheyenne is complete – only to begin again! I give thanks to God this day for calling me to the priesthood, and five years ago, to the episcopacy.  My time in Wyoming has introduced me to many new people, and a deep faith.  My time as a bishop has served to temper my own faith, and taught me how to rely much more upon the faithfulness and power of God, and much less upon my […]

Mission Tour Nears Completion: Ascension in Hudson

Today, as I mark the 5th anniversary of the phone call I received from then Nuncio to the US, Archbishop Pietro Sambi, informing me that I had been named the Bishop of Cheyenne, I am wrapping up visits to all churches within the Diocese. This morning I celebrated an 8:00 Mass with the people at Ascension in Hudson. Hudson is just about equally between Lander and Riverton, and just outside the boundaries of the Wind River Indian Mission, home to St. Stevens. Most of the people who attend Mass at Ascension are actually members of […]

You, Go And Work In My Vineyard

Last Sunday, today, and next Sunday, the vineyard is the setting for God’s Kingdom.  Today, we hear the father of two sons give each of them the same instruction: “Go work in my vineyard.” It seems this is the first lesson for every child of God to learn; what does the voice of the Father sound like? and what is he telling me to do? Have I heard the voice of God in my life? Pope Francis keeps teaching us that our first order of faith is to have that ‘life changing’ encounter with Jesus.  Jesus is […]

Our Lady of the Pines & St. Edmund

 Today, I visited two more missions. Two years ago, I stayed at the ‘cabin’ in Story while I took some time off after Easter, but I did not have the chance to celebrate Mass with the community. Story is a short drive from Sheridan. I’m not sure if you would call it the foothills of the Big Horns, or actually in the Big Horns. (I’m sure someone will answer that question now!) After dinner with the two priests from Holy Name in Sheridan, who serve these two mission communities, along with our latest seminarian and […]

St. Theresa, Meeteese

This summer, I am making my way around the state to a group of Catholics who make up the smaller faith communities which are known as ‘missions.’  These faith communities are served by the larger communities (parishes.)  Though mostly small in numbers, the faith is often found to be quite vibrant.  There is somethings about these smaller faith communities that is very conducive to living and passing on the faith.  That is why so many large parishes today are developing ‘small faith communities’ to help build a stronger sense of community. This past Saturday, I traveled […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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